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Lend Lease

One The Elephant providing free bike checks at their latest cycle safety event

29 July 2015

If you are a cyclist travelling through Elephant & Castle on Friday 29th July, you will be able to get your bike checked for free by a trained mechanic, at the latest Lend Lease cycle safety event, run in partnership with Southwark Council and Metropolitan Police.

The event will be held between 7.30am-10.00am on the corner on the southern junction of the Elephant & Castle and, as well as receiving a free bike check, cyclists will be able get their bike tagged by local police and sit in a truck to learn the view that drivers have of cyclists.

Cyclists will also have the opportunity to learn about construction activity in the area, and the safest ways to cycle through the Elephant & Castle.

For more information about this event please call 020 3600 0001 or emailĀ [email protected]


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