Elephant & Castle Regeneration

Lend Lease and Southwark Council working together to transform the area

Lend Lease

The landscape and public spaces will be a key feature of the completed development, playing a crucial part in mitigating the impacts of climate change, and creating a healthier and more pleasant environment.

Many of the mature trees that already exist on sites will be retained, allowing years of natural beauty to form the basis of the new landscape, and we will plant 1,200 new trees in and around the development. These will improve the air quality in Elephant & Castle and also increase the biodiversity of the area.

Elephant Effect

After receiving funding from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund, we are working with King’s College to carry out a study of air quality in Elephant & Castle. This will provide us with a baseline against which we can see how much the measures we are taking have actually improved air quality.

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Improving public spaces

In total, we will provide over 11 acres of significantly enhanced and safer new public spaces (publicly accessible at all times throughout the year) including:

  • A brand new park in the heart of the development.
  • Up to 30,000 sqft of new publically accessible playspace, plus £300,000 contribution to upgrade nearby sports facilities
  • Five new public squares
  • Two new pocket parks
  • New community garden
  • Provision of 10 new routes through the developments in addition to existing routes
  • Street lighting, street furniture, signage, and opportunities for public art
  • Over 1200 new trees planted in the surrounding streets, parks, schools and estates

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